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Work Experience

Personal Projects

Oregon State University Robotics Since 2018

The official title I hold as an Oregon State University Robotics officer is Webmaster, but this title can be misleading. I am the sole support for all thing’s computer related to the club. I do maintain a variety of websites on a Debian based Linux server. I also maintain the club lab computers and network both of which as small compared to an enterprise level, but the configurations are uniquely specific for the clubs needs and are constantly evolving. The club’s network piggybacks off the University’s network at the discrepancy of the College of Engineering.
I maintain all ports, subnets, firewall rules, and virtual networks configuration on modified consumer grade hardware. My custom software at the moment is Tomato, DD-WRT, and pfSense.
I maintain all of the club’s computers. My primary focus is on the club’s lab computers. I ensure that the computers are secure going as far as making custom Regedit configurations for the Windows computers. I also manage all of the software installation need/requested. For our local Linux machines, I maintain security protocols and fix homegrown software that occasionally breaks over time.

NoLogik Inc. Since 2017

I am a co-founder of Nolgik Inc. since 2017. The direction of the company has been highly dynamic through the last couple of year. I have worked with Thomas P. Braun in setting up ground up systems. Initially starting off as a Virtual Hosting Service we have tested and implemented a variety of Linux operating systems including Red Hat, Debian, and Arch.
A few months after Nolgik Inc. was founded we shifted to basic web hosting for our clients and began to focus on more ambition goals.
Since 2018 the company has been claiming a cornerstone on non-prime base encryption algorithms capable of remaining encrypted against Quantum computing base decryption. Admittedly the algorithm is being primarily developed by Thomas; my role is to develop UI interfaces with the software that can be integrated into Active Directory permission smoothly.

Personal Sandbox Since 2015

Over the years I have developed a personal relationship with my ISP, currently Alyrica. This has allowed a great deal of access when it comes to configuring my personal sandbox. I primarily one run one main physical server, a Dell R410, that hosts a variety of virtual machines. The two main servers run Windows Server 2016 and Ubuntu 19.04. These servers run everything from personal Media servers to Active Directory. The network configuration is fairly simple with three unmanaged switches, two access points, a DNS filter, and a Ubiquiti router. Domain Network Since 2018 is by far the biggest domain network that I manage. With a limited connection at home, I host my primary server off Digital Ocean running Ubuntu 18.04. I am hosting several websites many of which are my friends and families personal or small business websites. It also runs some game servers and a small FTP server.

Hardware Projects Since 2009

I have been building modular gaming/personal computers since I was 12 going so far as to dumpster dive for old computer to rebuild and sell. Lately, I have been scraping together old server, laptop, and phone parts to assemble gaming computer, functional servers, and network hardware tools

Work Experience

Client Services, Oregon State University (June 2017 – Current)

Currently, at Oregon State University’s Client Services I am one of the senior student technicians and find myself helping a handful employees on issues that they get stuck on.
• While working in accounting have and continue to configure Active Directory permission for email, network folder, and account access. I developed PowerShell scripts that interact with outdated the Active Directory and Exchange server that our department manages. My scripts also interacted with an API for our web-based ticketing system.
• Working as a standard student worker at Client Services, I provide rudimentary support for standard user’s technical issues. This primarily includes MacOS, Windows, Android, IOS, and ChromeOS configurations with network folders, domain accounts, printers, and network access. I also provided application support for mail clients, O365, Adobe, Citrix, ArcGIS, BitLocker, and a Cisco VPN.
• As a student tech, I also preformed operating system installs on Windows and MacOS computer ensuring a standardized Image for all of Client Service’s computers.
• At client services Welcome Desk, I have provided support for other students technical issues that range from data recovery to homework.

Student Body Vice President, Chemeketa Community College (September 2015 – May 2016)

As Vice Chair and the Legislative Coordinator to the student government at Chemeketa Community College, I personally worked with students across Oregon. I helped in training and organization for a variety of events and a statewide campaign known as “Vote OR Vote”. A campaign that runs every election cycle with the idea of getting students to vote. With a large volunteer base of 50+ students that I managed, spring of 2016, we were able to register 1,800+ students at Chemeketa, and 50,000+ statewide.

Wildland Firefighting, Greyback Foresty Inc. (May 2015 – September 2015)

As a Wildlands Firefighter with Greyback Forestry Inc., I developed skill in safety, teamwork, cultural diversity, chainsaws, water pumps, map reading, orienteering, and physical fitness. My assignments included 7 wildfires in both Oregon and Washington. The work was arduous, the pay was good, and I took particular notice of the importance of organized and structured effort.